H ave you ever abstracted how are the medical sunglasses’ lenses tinted, finished, and how are they polished? How are the colors set together and how are they derived? These are questions that can be replied-to through our Workshop.

The tints that the Lenses of the sunglasses are being tinted with, are not normal colors. Those are tints, that are brought particularly and specifically from a specialized company positioned abroad.

The tints are assorted together in a stirring process, that is completed nearly every day to be able to perfect the tints and their balances. The specialized personnel are trained sufficiently to devote the whole day carrying out the tinting process.

Tinting takes place in the workshop, as it needs to be definite accordingly to what the customer had asked for; in terms of the line of the tint, and if any other requirements needed to be performed. In addition, this workshop acts as a source of manufacturing the fragments missing in the production processes.

We have a winding machine in this work shop, consequently, we can say that this workshop is the creativity center at Optirama.