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O ptirama Trading Foundation was founded by Ahmed Bassyouny Ghazy at 1997. The about-optirama-shopforemost spirit of the foundation was built on a solitary idea, that respectively all people are wearing glasses.

Either young or old, big or small, male or female, whatsoever class the one is from, it doesn’t differ, everyone will need glasses, and if no one would need the optical glasses, loads of people will claim sunglasses, that is where the idea was shaped. For us, not only was it a business but also, it was a profession; we perceive it as the utmost profession ever, and that derivative us to advance only one place and set plentiful concentration through.

Optirama occurs in one place only, in Nasr-City. Optirama was and still the lone Megastore to deliver the optical glasses on the spot.

It includes a well-prepared and late-technologies laboratory for the optical and sunglasses. This laboratory can fix anything, in any given problem at any glass. The crux of the foundation was mainly observed as an Optic store, an Optometrist, and/or a ‘fashionable eyewear center’. Nevertheless, the activity of the foundation is much supplementary than those ideas.

Here in Optirama, a dissimilar approach is achieved to grasp the maximum gratification of the clients who originate to visit us. On the contemporary scale, we have virtually all the state-of-the-art brands for both Medical glasses, and Sun-glasses.


Through a ‘Horizontal-growth’ developing strategy, we were on no occasion, in need to spring our work to an expanded market. The idea of erecting a complete system that develops a superlative, resourceful, and unique delivery to our customers, had always took our attention to endure developing on the ‘Horizontal growth’ developing strategy.

At Optirama, we take care of your eyes, for us, it doesn’t hinge on only on finding the faultless Model, Color, Brand, Price, and/or size of the glasses that the customer requires. But also, we can assist you bargain the finest quality of the glasses you want, as we have a wide assortment of prices, not depending on the market price at all.

On the other side, as it is much branded, that we are the only optic store, that delivers efficiently optical lenses on the spot, this offered us an edge over the market for anyone who is in urgency or in no neediness to wait for his glasses to be complete.

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